How to Be Awesome

  • Try new things.

    Be fearless and learn new skills. They unlock possibilities for our lives and help us meet cool people.

  • Share what you know.

    Everyone is a teacher and a learner. Contribute to DIY by sharing your expertise. It can be anything!

  • Don't be a jerk.

    It's never cool to make someone feel bad. Act like a jerk and we'll have no choice but to feed you to a troll.

Community Guidelines


  • Don't be afraid to try.

    Don't be afraid to be weird or try something new and fail. Go outside of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. Ever try beatboxing?
  • Be original.

    Only share pictures and videos you made. It's not awesome to pass off someone else's work as your own.
  • Show how you did it.

    Whenever possible include details about how you did something. This makes it easier for other DIYers to learn from you.
  • Don't be lazy.

    It's OK to try and fail, but it's not cool to do less than your best.


  • Tolerate differences.

    The DIY community welcomes diversity of all kinds. Keep your posts respectful and kind, even if you don’t always agree.
  • Give feedback.

    Let users know how much you like their project or how they can improve it by leaving constructive feedback or asking interesting questions.
  • Don't be a troll.

    Trolls are members who start arguments and upset people. Trolls will be banned from the community.
  • Don't spam.

    Spamming is when you post comments that are irrelevant to the topic. This includes announcements and requests to be followed.


  • Keep personal stuff private.

    Never share your full name, e-mail address, home address, or phone number, and never ask anyone else for theirs.
  • Don't share password.

    You should never share your password with any one - this includes shared DIY accounts. DIY Staff and Moderators will never ask, either.
  • Flag inappropriate comments.

    Also, don’t take matters into your own hands and respond to negativity with more negativity. Let Moderators take care of it.
  • Report troublemakers.

    Report anyone that is rude or infringes upon you or someone else's privacy. Contact the Help Desk or email us directly at